AirPlay isn't working

Using RaspBerry Pi 2 and jailbroken 8.4

Raspberry Pi 2 connected via LAN to the router.

Tried enabling debugging mode and it sends audio over but not video.

Any idea to a fix?


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What are you trying to stream? Which APP are you using?

Hey thanks for the response!

I’m just testing it on everything.

I’ve only been able to get a video feed from my photos/video app just once. And even that was inconsistent. It showed the video for 0.5 seconds and then lost the connection.

I’ve tried mirroring the iphone, and that doesn’t work.

Ive tested it with youtube, nfl game pass, nba, mlb, safari. Nothing works

Maybe getting a wifi dongle would be a solution.

What are your thoughts?


Some Apps will not work. Airplay on KODI does not support mirroring.
The Youtube App won’t work, there is a copy protection. Youtube works fine from safari or some 3th party apps.
The Wifi and the LAN must be in the same network and subnet.
Either check your router or you can try with a wlan dongle of course

mirroring breaks the airplay connection. do not try it.

i suggest. Close the iphone.

close airplay from kodi. then enable it.

restart kodi.

enable airplay

restart kodi.

start the iphone. then go to a photo or video and choose as airplay device (NOT MIRRORING) the kodi.

it should work

good luck

you can also airplay the sound from iphone to kodi by choosing the kodi as airplay speaker. that will work for a lot of music applications.