Airplay not working DeviceID: FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:F2


I have a couple of OSMC PI2 instances running on the same network.

I find that one particular instance often does not work, it displays only as a Audio source, which you cannot actually play to.

Looking at the bonjour info, it has astrange device ID of : FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:F2

If I create a new UPNP ID in the ./.kodi/userdata/upnpserver.xml

And run service restart mediacenter the restarted instance gets a valid deviceID, and now works fine, but will at some point mess up again.

Any idea’s?

(The instances are clones of each other, so I am guessing there is some common seed they are using?)

Try enabling wait for network in the MyOSMC networking GUI then reboot. Does this help ?

I will try it and let you know, might take a couple of days to confirm.

Can you explain your thinking?

The bonjour broadcasts for Airplay include the MAC address of the network interface in the body of the messages, so the network interface would need to be already up before Airplay started - in the case of Ethernet this would usually be the case but maybe not for Wifi.

Kodi should adapt to changes in network interfaces but it may not be for some reason.

Wait for network will delay Kodi startup until the network is configured and up.

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