All playback causes sad face/reboot with after June update

Since updating to the June update of OSMC, I get the sad blue screen after about 5-15 seconds of watching a video. Using the Plex app or PlexKodiConnect through my library.

I tried a complete fresh install, then ran the update. Installed only the minimal type of stuff and the only thing that fixes it is to turn off

Used hissing-shark to build after my fresh install. Set everything up the way it was before I did the June OSMC update today.

While the video is playing fine, I can start hyperion via SSH and immediately produce the sad face reboot.

What changed in today’s update? All I know is it was working perfectly for quite some time. I’ve been a very satisfied customer since the new hissingshark installer. I am trying to build from source again, leaving out the argument and just running sudo ./ Maybe something screwed with Amlogic. I would really like this to be fixed as soon as possible, I cannot use my Ambilight as it stands now. Should I just revert back to 18.2? Not sure why today’s update broke

Even tried a complete fresh install for no reason. Produced the same result. Video playback will start for about 5 seconds and then sad face reboot. If I turn off the video will play. Anytime I go into SSH and turn it back on, OMSC will immediately crash and reboot. seems to work fine in the menu but that is the least of my worries. I imported my properly setup backup file into…everything seems to be setup correctly, I changed nothing today except for that damn update.

here are my logs after forced reboot

Reinstalling from the @hissingshark installer without the added arguments after sudo ./ and it seemed to have fixed my problem.

Looks like I don’t have to restart Hyperion after I make changes now with a new version it must have pulled from Git

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I have the exact same issue, also tried to reinstall via @hissingshark installer. but now my leds do nothing at all (besides lighting up after a reset). what exactly do you mean by “added arguments” ?

The almgrabber seem to work fine, at least i get the live video on the webif on mobile. but something seems missin…

Hyperion is under development. Some users want to risk breakage by trying experimental updates. Or you may want to try an older version because of something specific to your system.

If you run ./install on it’s own, then when you select build from source it will be using the last known good commits.
However If there is a specific commit you know you want to build from (older or newer) then you can - at your own risk - specify that, e.g ./install b1b2079. Then when you build from source that’s the one it will use.

If like the vast majority of users you are…
1. Using the internal grabbers rather than an external USB grabber
2. Your lights are connected by an intermediary box, e.g Vero4k -> USB -> RPi/Arduino -> LEDS

…then you can just select Install from binary.

There has been a longstanding a/v sync bug which we have now fixed with the latest OSMC update and the more recent builds. See my post here. I hope this fixes things for you. There have been no sad faces here!

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thanks for the reply @hissingshark … i just found your post in the other threat and installed again from binaries, looking fine now. i compiled prior from source prior. Lets see if the stuttering is gone. Many thanks for your work!