Alpha 4 Install Failed


I used the Windows installer to write the image to an SD card and when booting the card in my Pi it shows an OSMC splash screen that says “Just a moment” and sits at 0% for about 30 seconds. Then it finally says “Install failed: Could not mount bootfs”.

I’ve tried writing the image a couple of times now but no luck.

My config.txt is the supplied one with 2 extra parameters:


Any ideas?


Can you test on a different SDcard?

What storage capacity is the SD card ?

If it’s an original Pi that takes full size SD cards are you sure you’re getting a good connection to the SD card in the socket ? The socket on mine is now unreliable on any microSD to SD adaptor due to the contacts on the Pi losing their tension - I have to use a piece of paper between the SD adaptor and the socket in the Pi (on the side opposite the contacts) for it to work properly.

Being able to read the boot loader and/or the early part of the boot process but failing to read the rest of the disk is one of the symptoms of one of the SD card pins not making contact.

Thanks for the replies.

It’s an 8GB card.

I’m afraid I don’t have another spare SD card to hand, but I’ll try wedging a bit of card behind the SD card :smile:

Cardboard will be too thick, you literally only need the thickness of writing paper or you may damage the socket further.

Is it definitely a model B with the full size SD card ? You don’t want to wedge anything into the microSD socket in a B+.

I meant like the thickness of a business card, rather than a corrugated box :smile:

It’s a model B with full-sized SD card, yes. It didn’t make any difference. I’ll buy another SD card and give that a go.


Business card is still probably thicker than needed and could possibly do more damage to the sdcard holder. Really, just a regular piece of paper is enough.

Managed to find a 2GB Micro SD card in an adapter and that looks to be working fine now. Must have been a dodgy card.


Unless you store all your media, thumbnails and library database on a remote server you’ll quickly run out of space on a 2GB SD card. Personally I wouldn’t use less than 8GB even if I had the actual media files on a remote drive as thumbails, addon data and so on have a tendency to build up over time.

This is my secondary media centre machine, just for the odd, occasional use so hopefully 2GB will do for now. All of my media is of course on a remote server.