Alsa audio to hdmi and analog


Rasp pi2 with last update (april).

I am trying to work with alsa as audio output since dsp only works with that, and i do need the volume amplification that only works when alsa is selected.

Now my problem is can i force alsa to output sound to hdmi and analog the same time?

Thanks in advance.

ALSA audio shouldn’t be used.
ADSP should work find with the default Pi Sink, as long as you are using MMAL and not OMXPlayer.

since I am using omx , I see no other way any more than alsa . will this be fixed in the future?

thank you for the help.

Why are you using omxplayer ? It is not enabled by default on a Pi 2.

omxplayer will never support ALSA and will never support ADSP.
MMAL is the only option if you need ALSA or ADSP.

i bought an MPEG-2 license and as i can understand MPEG-2 hardware accelaration is only working through omxplayer.

Am i wrong?

Thanks for clearing this up for me my friend. Keep up the wonderfull work.

Thank you.

Yes. Both MMAL and OMXPlayer are hardware accelerated and use the MPEG-2 codec.

Thank you i will change them.

so i am trying with omxplayer disabled and adsp enabled, and audio to HDMI & ANALOG and everytime i am trying to play a movie i get the crash sad face.

Disabling adsp get the sad face away but i have no volume amplification.

So to use adsp i am back to alsa.

Should i provide logs? If so please advise what kind of logs (full?).

Thank you in advance.

To be honest I’ve never heard a report of ADSP working, so I’m not certain it does.
I’d remove it and try setting amplification from the audio settings OSD (when playing a video).
Increase it by 6 or 12dB and if you like it select “set as default for all movies”.