Alternatives to the remote

That’s odd. Do you have the ticket number?

FWIW. I use a miniature PlexGear keyboard. Works so much better than a remote when typing text.

Having unfortunately never received any replacement parts, I am now looking for an alternative remote solution for my Vero 4k. I am wondering if a FLIRC USB receiver in combination with the Xbox One Media remote would work out of the box or if that would require any additional setup. Does anyone have experiences with it?

This doesn’t sound right. Can you please let me know the ticket number?

I have, once again, supplied you the ticket number in a direct message as I have tried to use workaround solutions for the past months but with sadly limited success.

I can see from the ticket that we have shipped two replacement dongles to the address that we have on file.

One in May and one in June.

Has your address changed?

Unfortunately because so much time has elapsed (over half a year), I am unable to raise an investigation with Royal Mail as to why these two items are not received. We can send another, but I would advise sending it to an alternative address.

My address has not changed since I ordered my original Vero which was delivered without issue. Still, I would urge you to please confirm the address with me via email before sending another package and also send it with a tracking number if at all possible.

I have sent you an email to confirm the address.