Amazon remote not working correctly after October Update 2019


With October Update 2019 my Amazon remote is not working correctly anymore (with Pi 3b):
The menu button („hamburger button“) is not working anymore.
All other buttons are working correctly.
It‘s connected via bluetooth and is working for several updates - let‘s more than 2 years.

Anyone an idea how to solve that?


Have you tried using the keymap editor add-on to reprogram that button to the context menu (in keymap editor you would be programing global>navigation>context menu)?

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We haven’t changed anything remote related in this update.
Which version did you update from?


From July version.

It worked with the above solution!

Thank you!

Glad to hear this. Something may have changed locally in your environment.

Probably yes, but I can‘t imagine what that should be…

Sorry for your quick replies!!!