An error occurred while installing unknown package

I got this error yesterday when promoted to update OSMC, anyway I can troubleshoot this? I grabbed the logs and they’re located here:

Start-Date: 1969-12-31 16:02:06
Commandline: /usr/bin/apt-get-real -f install rbp2-device-osmc --reinstall
Reinstall: rbp2-device-osmc:armhf (1.3.9)
End-Date: 1969-12-31 16:02:10

Why did you run this?

I think you may have made changes to your system that may prevent
normal upgrades.

The error looks like a one-off glitch that occurred some time between 3 May and 10 June. It was also accompanied by the line Failed to get D-Bus connection: Unknown error -1 indicating that something was amiss with the system at that time. The error occurs only once in the APT log, though the current system log also has some dbus-related errors. My guess is that the “epoch-8 hours” time was probably a one-off.

The APT log for 2017-06-28 looks just fine and doesn’t show that any errors occurred.

So should I just ignore that I got the error for now and try updating again?