An odd TVH issue

I have an odd issue where the Vero on my network that runs TVH server won’t play channels from a couple of Freeview muxes from the Crystal Palace transmitter, but the other Vero’s on the same network that point to the TVH server Vero will play those channels just fine. All Vero’s are wired to the same switch.

The TVH server Vero is struggling with the 746 and 754 MHz muxes. On its own, that’s not surprising, as these are low-power broadcasts from Crystal Palace. Except TVH server web config says these scan fine, and the two other Vero’s on the network play all the channels, as do my Freeview TV’s. If both my other Vero’s play from these muxes just fine, how come the TVH server Vero does not? The TVH server Vero is fine with all other muxes. All Vero’s are running the same TVH PVR client as far as I know.

Here is a log from the TVH server vero. Playback starts with a “good” mux then I attempt to play BBC News HD on the 746MHz mux and nothing happens.

Here is a log from another Vero on the network that points to the first Vero for the TVH backend, and it plays BBC News HD just fine:

Any ideas?

Is the dongle externally powered?

Have you tried cleaning the PVR cache in Kodi?

The dongle is not externally powered, but I have a spare hub, would that help? I will look at the cache, I was about to post some supplementary observations.

I pulled the dongle from the TVH server Vero and plugged it into my LE Pi which has a backup TVH installation. The LE Pi plays channels from the problem muxes as do the remote Vero’s in the non-aerial locations when they are pointed back to the LE Pi. However, my TVH server Vero still does not play from the problem muxes when the TVH client points to the Pi, so this points to an issue with this particular Vero?

So I did a “Clear Data” in the Kodi PVR screen and rebooted, and no joy, this particular Vero cannot lock on to playback of BBC News HD, whether or not the backend is local to that Vero. The two other Vero’s and the LE Pi are all fine.

That will probably help, as the DVB dongles are power hungry.

A possible lead. The only thing different about the environment for my TVH server Vero is that is connected to an HD Ready TV (an old 720p plasma). I moved it to another location in a full 1080 chain and it now plays fine from the problem muxes.

Would be good to see some logs when playback fails.

The first post has two logs, first of which was for failed playback from the TVH server Vero, followed by successful playback from a client Vero.

I installed the latest staging update on my TVH server Vero and there is no real improvement, local playback from the TVH server Vero doesn’t work on the BBC News HD mux but it’s fine for the client Vero’s (which I find very odd). I wondered if the 720 TV is a factor for the server Vero and had a bit of success with whitelisting but it’s not as solid as for my client Vero’s or for my LE Pi. It can take an age for playback to start, or it doesn’t start at all, whereas for the client Vero’s, playback starts immediately.

I also have an OSMC dongle on order and will see how that peforms vs the MyGica one in use at present.