Analog audio on 19.1 and Pi 4

I have 19.1 for Pi 4 running but there is no option for analog audio as there was on my previous OSMC with a Pi 3.

I’m not set up for HDMI audio. I have only a monitor connected with HDMI and powered speakers connected with RCA cables → stereo mini plug.

I added the following lines to /boot/config-user.txt


and audio first seemed to work but not for every video ie no sound.

In system settings, I can now set the audio to “bcm 2835 Headphones” but the audio is very glitchy ie crackling and noise artifacts. I tried all Audio settings options. Passthrough doesn’t work.

I’m back to the Pi 3.

Please post logs so we can see your settings.

Forgive me if I’m wrong but it seems to be no ALSA audio driver problem, which was kind of obvious, but here are the log files anyway.