Analogue Volume Adjustment


I’ve connected my old analogue amp to my pi via 3.5mm to 2 RCA connectors. Generally, I use TV remote to control my pi via CEC.

When i adjust volume the TV appears not to pass commands to pi, therefore i need to revert to manual adjustment of volume via amp volume knob.

Question might be more related to my TV CEC config, however does anyone know a good solution so my pi controls volume when outputting via analogue directly to AMP. I fear not, as i reckon TV is not passing CEC commands to pi. TV is LG running latest firmware.

When i control sound via osmc web UI volume does change on AMP.

(i’ve also tried by HDMI to TV, then optical toslink to toslink to analogue adapter, however result is the same).

Cheers, Geoff.

Yes this has been discussed before the volume command is not passed through via CEC. Not much you can do about that.

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@geoff_noob how about giving the old search bar a try next time before creating more threads you seem to be asking alot of questions that are

  1. covered in the wiki (Kodi and OSMC)
  2. covered on the forum in another thread

we all get that your new to this and feel insecure but its better to search and then try and if you still feel that something is not right then ask.

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