Annoyance while creating account

I’ve just created an account here to get some support with an OSMC issue I’m having.

I thought I’d take the opportunity to point out an irritation in creating an account with you. On the “Register” tab, I’m invited to enter an email address and username. When I do so, the tab changes to the “Login” tab. There is no message to the effect that things have gone well or otherwise.

After doing this three or four times and receiving no notification of a new account, I realised what was going on: the message (initially messages to the effect that the username I had selected was too short or that the username I had selected was unavailable) remains on the “Register” tab!

So, the first few times I tried to register, I was unaware that it hadn’t worked because the message was on the Register tab, but your webserver switched to the login tab.

Same when it was eventually successful: as soon as I hit the “Register” button, the message “Please check your email to confirm your account” appears, on the Register tab, but the browser displays the Login tab, so the unobservant registrant (err, me!) might not notice.

I’m using Google Chrome on a PC, if that’s of any use.

Noted. I’ll look in to this.