Another newbie question on streaming to the vero

Hi all,
I still have to rebuild my vero as my device is blocked with an

ERROR: Initialize - Error while opening /dev/fb0

(see my other post for that)

Still have to take the time for that.

But one question comes on my mind : I often view courses (tutorials, mooc etc… = mix of videos slides and screen captures) with my tablet or phones (all are Android KitKat) .
It’s a very convenient and pleasant way to learn about new things instead of being there staring at some stupid TV Shows. (well that’s a personal opinion I guess)

My question is this one :Can I
-from my android device
-stream (via bluetooth dnla or network (wifi/ethernet) etc…)
-to my vero

I know the other way around is possible but it’s not of any use in my case.
Can it be possible to do this with some stuff to install, assemble and compose ?
The idea is that some times when I’m at home I can stream my course to the vero and so take great benefits of it just as my media library

Please feel free to point me to some relevant links or software.

Try BubbleUPNP

That page doesn’t fill me with joyful anticipation - prominent on the comments are 2 saying that it is now broken!!
Further, there is no explanation about how to use it (an increasingly common trend)

Well , honestly I won’t go that way… Know a friend of mine who tried desperately to make this app (and others like that) works with his “smartTV” !
Plain failure.

I will rather wait for some vero-centric response from the core-team as this can be a major added-value for vero upon all other competitors. To be honest I don’t know if this is more a vero or an osmc question ???

Yatze with the unlocker allow you to do so very comfortably:

◆ Stream your videos to your Android devices or UPnP / AirPlay / Chromecast devices*
◆ Send your Android media to your media center or UPnP / AirPlay / Chromecast devices*

Been using BubbleUPnP on Android 5.1 without issue for quite some time, both as a local renderer and as a control point to stream Vero music to my stereo (via WDTV Live) without having to turn TV on. Should be able to easily stream from a phone or tablet it’s hosted on to the Vero, as it does show up as a renderer, too, as does my Smart (Samsung) TV.