Another vero+ or nas

I would like to share media between two boxes in different rooms.
One is a vero+ and another box which will be changed to a vero at some stage.
Would I be better to get another vero now and add a USB drive, or go for for something like a synology nas drive. Not bothered about remote acess or sharing other data at the moment, just video and music files.

It depends what the other box is, and if it’s meeting your needs.
A NAS may be overkill if you only have one drive, but could give you room for expansion later.

It’s worth thinking about whether you’ll need a number of drives in the future, as well as if your other box is going to meet your requirements for the foreseeable future.


That was quick Sam. The other box is about 3 years old and does play most of what I want, but is a bit slow sometimes. I have tried to connect it to my network but cant seem to get it and the vero to see one another. So at some stage I will get another vero+ . Would a USB drive on vero 1 be able to stream to vero 2 without speed issues?

Yes – that shouldn’t be an issue.
I’d recommend avoiding formatting the drive as NTFS if you are able however.


Would you reccomend a powered hub for the drive?

Yes – we always recommend using a powered hub unless the drive has its own power supply.

Thanks Sam, ordered taken advantage of your black Friday offer.

Cheers. You will get an email when it ships. We are having to work over the weekend because of the backlog.