Any chance my Odroid C2 issues will be gone with Vero?

With my Odroid C2 I have the following issues:

  1. When skipping forward or pausing and resuming, sometimes sound will disappear for 10-20 seconds before coming back. It’s especially apparent on tv-show webrips.

  2. Skipping backwards most often results in a video freeze and having to stop and resume the video.

  3. For the last 3-5 seconds of all videos, the video will freeze before the end and the sound will continue.

I’m not sure if it’s an AMLogic thing and that I should look at some other hardware, or if Vero and OSMC is somehow better than Openelec in these areas.

I don’t see any of those issues with my own Vero4k.

  1. You shouldn’t experience this problem.
  2. Are you using seeking; or rewind? Rewind doesn’t always work well; and is largely deprecated. Seeking (using the arrow keys on a remote) will work as expected.
  3. AMLogic’s video pipeline has a buffer which means that the last 1-2 seconds may end abruptly. You shouldn’t experience a continuation of sound however.

We’ve a 14 day money back guarantee, but I think the Vero will meet your needs.

Do let me know if you have any questions