Any rough estimate when 3D iso support is going to be implemented?

I noticed in popcornmix’s github changelog new commits about getting MVC 3D working outside of a mkv container and from a iso. I don’t actually care much for the iso support but I assume once it works it will be enough to get to the point I can put in a retail disc and watch it in 3D

I have a few retail 3D discs that so far I can put in and they play but in 2D since they’re not decoding the MVC and those commits about ssif support and auto using mvc decoding for ssif files (can’t rename files on a retail disc) would be nice so I don’t have to temporarily rip some movies just to watch them.

Any hope of those patches making it into OSMC faster then waiting for a Kodi 16 release?

There are still crashes occurring with some files, and there are features that may be tricky to implement (e.g. chapter support), so I don’t think it will come to a stable osmc build any time soon.

Thanks for the info, I do look forward to the support. To bad that no builds like miappa used to make for raspbmc have started. I always liked using them to try out new features.

It would take some work to maintain the OSMC patchset on top of the nightlies, which wasn’t much of an issue with Raspbmc.


Does that mean the plan for nightlies has been cancelled, because previously you said they would happen eventually and I have been trying to wait patiently.

Also as a more basic request could you in the shorter time add the MVC tag as a way to tag 3D files. I just really think using SBS feels wrong and like a hack when they aren’t actually SBS.

Yes, we’ll only be offering Kodi +1 builds from beta1 and onwards in the future, unless of course someone starts offering nightly builds in the forum


Thanks, that is good to know.