Anyone having problems installing pi hole on latest pi3 build?

Trying to install pi hole onto a recent clean install on my raspberry pi 3 gets me this (without having web admin interface, nor able to use even pihole uninstall) :sadparrot:

while installing php-common it stops the install process

It might be worth checking with the PiHole developers about this.

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I installed PiHole a few weeks back on a Debian 9 VM.

It creates an install log file in /etc/pihole/install.log, though I just checked mine and it is very sparse.

PiHole installs dhcpd5 and tries to set a static IP address for the box in /etc/dhcpd.conf. This approach is incompatible with ConnMan.

Please also note that there is a potential conflict for port 80 between Kodi and lighttpd that you’d need to resolve.

All in all, I don’t think it’s that good a fit on OSMC, though probably could be made to work with some effort.

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I had it working without any problem on november’s build… that’s why I do ask here, since there was no update on pihole since

I think if you give the PiHole team a link to this thread they will be better served in knowing how to diagnose the situation.

A set of OSMC debug logs will also give APT history which would be useful for them.


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