Anyone in the US received their Vero?

Just curious if anyone in the U.S. has received their Vero? Checking taht status of mine shows it is sitting at ICS (Customs) in Chicago and has been for the last few days.

I got mine in Oklahoma. Mine did sit in Chicago for several days before going to usps.


It seems our US shipments are being slowed down by customs inspections. I will see if I can get in touch with the courier and see if anything can be done to improve this.


Mine spent a week in Chicago for whatever reason. Delivery was 2 weeks to the day from the shipping date.

Thanks for the info everyone. I was curious. I have never had something caught up in customs.

I received mine in 5 days in Jersey

Sam, was you able to find anything out? Mine has been sitting at ICS since the 14th.

Got mine in Colorado. It sat in Los Angeles for a week. Sent an inquiry to USPS using the registered mail # and it showed up a couple of days after that. Not sure what the hold up was, but it seems to be a USPS thing - not Sam’s fault.

I was not blaming Sam, I did not once say it was his fault. I only asked if he found out anything because he said he was going to call their courier and ask. I understand it is now in the hands of the Post Office and Customs.


To clarify – I meant that for future shipments I’ll hopefully be able to stop these delays.

For now I’d say if you don’t get any order update by Fri, drop me a line (sam at osmc dot tv) and I’ll call the shipping company



Good news, the status has changed. Now says “arrived at USPS facility” and is currently in transit to destination.

Got mine yesterday. As everyone else has said, it is very small!

When I first plugged it in I got the message that it was unable to write to root.

I downloaded the image and reinstalled and had it up and running just fine.

Thank you!