App to display dynamic data


I’m wondering whether an app exists which is able to display dynamic data.
In my case I have attached to my PI some temperature sensors and I would be great if I can see the temperatures also in OSMC.

I was checking the app store in OSMC but didn’t find anything.
Maybe there exists even a temperature app.

Why not write a plugin to display the data? Haven’t tried it myself but here’s a link:

I have a BMP085 sensor that measured the altitude of my lounge for a few months! I never got further than logging the data to a text file.

Writing an app by myself would for sure answer my question.
But I’m not an app programmer. So that’s a very difficult approach.
I learned where the apps are located in the file structure.
But I have no further information about things like

  • how to install an app (is it good enough to copy it to the app part of the file system ?)
  • how to integrate an app in OSMC
  • how to program the app (your link points to the right entry point)