Apple remote not working

Greetings to all. I have OSMC and Kodi running on a RPi3 B+, which is connected to my Panasonic TV. I am able to control this setup via CEC using the remote from my TV - very nice.
I would like to to use an Apple remote (white 1156). I have set it up in ‘My OSMC’ but it does not work. The TV sensor does not flash, so I presume that the TV does not recognise the remote.
Q1) Is it possible to use the Apple remote via the TV or do I need an IR receiver on the RPi ?
Q2) Any recommendations for such a device (IR received for RPi) ?
Q3) If I bought a Vero 4K, would I be able to use the Apple remote directly ?
Many thanks in advance for your help.

Yes, the apple tv is infrared and would require a IR receiver on the OSMC device (the TV doesn’t recognize or forward the signals via CEC

Check the HArdware section here or seems many people use a FLIRC

The Vero4k+ has a IR receiver build in, so yes.
But actually the Vero4k+ comes with it’s own remote OSMC Remote Control - OSMC so not sure what the advantage of using the Apple Remote would be if yo buy a Vero 4k+

Thank you for replying so quickly and so clearly.
The advantage of the Apple remote is that it is small, which pleases certain members of my family ! I prefer the TV remote because it means one less device cluttering up the coffee table.
I am very likely to buy a Vero 4K. I am working my way through a long list of tests which should confirm OSMC+Kodi as a suitable platform to use.

The OSMC remote is a similar size as the apple remote AFAIK

The photo in the store of the remote sitting on top of a Vero 4K makes it look gigantic … until you remember that the Vero 4K is a very small box. Thank you for (indirectly) making me aware of this.
Sam / Team OSMC - may I suggest that you add the dimensions to the description of the OSMC remote in the store.


Will do. It’s 145x40x10mm