Apple TV Gen 1 trouble after install

I installed osmc on hen 1 Apple TV. It said that it was install but won’t work after that. Any ideas ?

Well, your first step would be to tell us a little more than “won’t work” as that’s not very descriptive of what’s happening!

So I ran the program and it installed to the Apple TV. But when I plugged back it displayed the Linux symbol. The screen went blue and displayed the osmc symbol. Then the Apple TV just shut off. I’ve insatlled a bunch of times and same result

That’s better :smiley: I won’t have an ATV, but now hopefully someone can give you some advice. What version of OSMC did you try?

I tried 2017.08-1 and 2017.05-2 hdd not USB

My last idea would be to try a USB install. If that doesn’t work then hopefully someone with ATV experience can give you a hand.

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