Application development

i want to add features and onather programms in the application how to do it ?

You might have to be more specific.

If you want to add additional packages to your OSMC then you would probably do this via APT.
If you wanted to add additional addons to Kodi then you would do this from within the GUI. Exactly how you’d do this depends which skin you are using.

In what application? What features and programs? We have no way of understanding what you mean if you give us no context.

android app thats i will design , i am working on project to make my car is controlable only by touch screen so OSMC is very good but i need to add some features in it

Raspberry Pi running OSMC cannot run Android or it’s apps.

want to add android App to the programs list in OSMC

so how to add an App in program list in OSMC ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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