Appple tv new osmc update cant install

some error and i reboot my apple tv quit, exit, shutdown and nothing can work any ideas ??
and the osmc+kodi dont work without the update :disappointed_relieved:

what means ‘some error’?

maybe you should backup your Kodi settings and do fresh install:
download latest OSMC installer from here and prepare USB installation stick.

error when i try to update the new software from the appletv my osmc updates the download cant install, reboot again and the error message cant install i download in a usb new update format the appple tv HD and the same problem hope someone help me and thanks for the replay

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information, including logs from you. Our wiki contains detailed steps for providing the relevant info we need to help you.

ok An error occurred while installing the following package: atv-image-4. 2. 3-15-osmc (15)

nobody? have problems with the update on Apple TV is useless kodi its laggy and slow

As requested previously, we need logs to get a better understanding of the problem. Please see

Perhaps you have too many-addons on your device.

I’m sure you are aware you are running Kodi on a 10 year old device. If you want something faster, you need to upgrade. Also make sure you have an HDD install.

Sam, thanks for your work but i just want to know how i install the update im not criticizing ur work just need a little help in other words i install the hdd into the apple tv usb stick and do a fresh start but got the same error any fix? some commands in ssh ??

Did you search for the error at all? There are about three threads a week on this, so I will mention it for the last time:

  • Power off your device properly
  • Search, and follow the fsck commands.