Are existing partitions preserved?

I have a Raspi with a FAT (boot) and 2 ext4 partitions. It’s a multi-boot system, but not with NOOBS, but a homemade solution of moving the kernel and config files of the OS I want to boot next to the root folder of the FAT partition while the equal files of the other systems are in (sub)folders. I want to add OSMC now. Are existing partitions preserved? I read that it creates a new partition, but does it so by taking space from the FAT partition or repartition the whole SD card? Does it preserve files/folders not used by itself in the FAT partition?

I could only find information how it works with NOOBS.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think NOOBs supports adding more operating systems later.

I don’t want to use NOOBS at all, I just mentioned it to say that I don’t realize multi-boot via it. I extracted the OSMC files (kernel.img, filesystem.tar.xz, …) from the image file and want to copy them manually to the root folder of the FAT “boot” partition and then reboot to start it. I fear that my existing ext4 partitions might be destroyed when OSMC does the setup at first boot, so I want to make sure they are not.

OSMC partitions the entire SD card. It expects only one FAT32 partition of 255M to be present on the SD card.