Aria skin on Vero4k+. Possible memory leaks on some skins?

I have found this skin to be quite interesting, looks good on Kodi 18. Many others seem to suck the memory right out of the Vero before my eyes. Does anyone have any other skin recommendedations? My library is huge so I always have to take that into account, especially regarding skins. I’ll see a lot of sad faces and ten minute freezes if I choose the wrong one. Perhaps they just haven’t been updated in a while. What is everyone else using? Widgets are important to me and I had some issues getting the title to show up on a lot of them using the default OSMC skin, which runs flawlessly aside from the widgets.

Any plans to change the way the default skin is configured regarding home menu additions.

I tried to run Titan (my favorite skin) on the Vero4k+ and the lag was so bad it was appearing like it froze, which it didn’t. Sometimes I’d get a sad face and a reboot.

Is there just too much going on with some of these available skins? I’m using PlexKodiConnect beta as well, which basically takes the brunt of it. Anyway I can tell which are my biggest memory hogs via the terminal. Sometimes that freezes as well. I think this is just normal behavior with large libraries. Even though I have it set to sync every 1440 minutes, it still runs this stupid check every reboot. At 142,000 episodes, it takes a few to say the least. Could zram be an option for me? I don’t want to cause any damamge to the Vero, the SD cards I could care less.

Anyone in a similar situation like myself?


zram shouldn’t be needed; but it is supported.


No harm done on the Vero if I allocate an entire SD card solely for zram? Definitely shouldn’t need it but it’ll help?

I did two updates from Krypton and have been using Leia since. I think now that I see the images posted for download, I’ll do a complete fresh install of everything and go back to day one. That database conversion froze of course with my library the first time. That would freeze any machine in my opinion.

It might wear out the SD faster; but it won’t damage the Vero.

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Good to know. I’ll give it a go with my fresh install in a few hours.

Thank you, Sam

Yes, Bello 7.

It’s a lightweight skin, very responsive with my comparatively small library. By default it has no widgets on the home screen items, but you can select whichever you like.

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Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll give it a shot. I like to mix things up. Check out that Aria skin though, it sure is pretty. Bet it runs nice on a small library. I’m pushing close to 145,000 episodes now lol

Where is it hosted?

It’s right on the default Kodi repository if you are 18.

This one? Aura?

Yes sorry, I misspelled it. I’m enjoying it though. Decent skin. I also really like the Emby lookalike one