Artifact more & more Pi3


I have more artificat on my Pi3 then few week (multiple file) , I already check the forum but I not find a solution.

When I test the same file on my pc with MediaPlayer Classic I have no artifact but when I test on the same PC with VLC I have the Artificat always on the always at the same time.

I put the info of the file, if you know a solution to help me, thanks in advance

Format : MPEG-4
Profil du format : Base Media
Identifiant du codec : isom (isom/iso2/avc1/mp41)
Taille du fichier : 1,34 Gio
Durée : 47 min 0s
Type de débit global : Constant
DĂ©bit global moyen : 4 068 kb/s
Application utilisée : Lavf57.58.100

ID : 1
Format : AVC
Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec
Profil du format : Main@L3.1
Paramètres du format, CABAC : Oui
Paramètres du format, RefFrames : 2 images
Identifiant du codec : avc1
Identifiant du codec/Info : Advanced Video Coding
Durée : 47 min 0s
Type de débit : Constant
DĂ©bit : 4 000 kb/s
Largeur : 1 280 pixels
Hauteur : 720 pixels
Format à l’écran : 16/9
Type d’images/s : Constant
Images par seconde : 25,000 Im/s
Espace de couleurs : YUV
Sous-Ă©chantillonnage de la chrominance : 4:2:0
Profondeur des couleurs : 8 bits
Type de balayage : Progressif
Bits/(Pixel*Image) : 0.174
Taille du flux : 1,31 Gio (98%)


If you could upload a sample clip, I’ve a pi3 running the latest OSMC (Update released yesterday), I’ll test and see if I can reproduce.

So timestamp for the sample would be good aswell?

Thanks Tom.


Forgot to mention, I won’t be able to test this till after 7pm bst, due to being at work.

it’s a little difficule because the file size is 1,4 G and if I cut the file that supose the tools encode with another codec. ;(

ffmpeg or avidemux cuts without recode.

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Could you test it ?

I see already artifact in the preview of dropbox

If dropbox viewer (and vlc) also show artefacts then the problem is in the file not the player.

I am ok with you but in MPC that work and thre more then few week.
I have this issue with major files, the same files work last month…

That worst.


I’ll take look, will advise shortly.

Thanks Tom.


These Artifacts have occurred during the encoding process, I’m not sure what sort of magic MPC is doing. I suspect they’re are still there just less noticeable.

I can reduce the artifacts but they’re are still noticeable, by disabling hard acceleration for video play. Not fix, as its still quite noticeable.

As popcornmix pointed out, being as evident on the drop box preview and its an encoding issue, its not something we can fix on the pi.

Thanks Tom.