Atmos Audio - MP3 support? Vero 4K +

Hi all,

One thing i was deeply looking forward to on receipt of my Vero was the ability to play atmos MP3 files, primarily i desperately want to load up Automatic for the People, but when i play the files on my vero my receiver just displays EXT Stereo, it doesn’t seem to flag it for atmos.

This isn’t an issue for audio on mkv containers at all, it is just popping up here.

I’ve tried both default (AML-M8AUDIO) and the equivalent HDMI only, 7.1 for speakers, best match, unchecked Upmix, tried with pass through off and on, have every option checked (DD/DD+, DTS, TrueHD, DTS-HD) and it just doesn’t trigger.

If I go back to a film, it works fine and atmos
Is ticked on.

Would appreciate any help. Thanks!

(Also sorry, didn’t specify it in the right section. My apologies.)

Atmos can only be based on Dolby Digital+ or Dolby TrueHD. Therefore, MP3 can and will never signal Atmos as it can’t carry the required metadata.