ATV component or write to xorg.conf

Hi folks,
I installed osmc on my ATV1 from USB stick. I have a component-only monitor connected (no HDMI). At first I saw the logo and it booted, then the screen went black.

I followed the advice found here to edit and feed the xorg.conf file with some additional resolutions on /etc/X11 and logged on with cyberduck and sftp (oscm) however, although the file appears to be read-only and opened with bbedit, I cannot save it back to the device (gives write permission error). I can´t change permissions either (error).

What can I do (in simple terms) to a) write the file with no errors or b) more importantly, activate component outputs. With the described or alternate method? Cheers, Mark


You can write it to home directory and sudo mv it or run sudo nano on the device

That didn´t do the trick I´m afraid. See screenshot. It gives a permission denied error. Any other ideas? Thanks!

Upload to /home/osmc which is the user folder of the user osmc