ATV1 - Upgraded to Helix - Logitec Harmony remote stopped working

I recently upgraded from Gotham 13.2 to Helix 14.2 and found that my Logitec Harmony One remote doesn’t work the way it used to. The remote works, but the commands are all over the place. It seems to be emulating the AppleTV remote.
I pulled the file joystick.Harmony.xml from here and stuck it in the /home/atv/.kodi/userdata/keymaps without modifying it at all, but it still doesn’t work.
Thanks for any help.

What can I do to get it working?

Ok, so I did a bit of digging and found this code I remembered needing when I installed CB2 a while ago.
I took a shot with it on Kodi and, what do you know?.. it worked!!

Just paste these commands from an ssh session:

echo 'OPTIONS="-m"' | sudo tee /etc/default/atvclient
sudo initctl stop xbmc
sudo initctl restart atvclient
sudo initctl start xbmc

Hope that helps anyone else with the same issue.


Also works with Kodi Isengard Alpha2 as well.