Audio/Atmos issues with4k HDR movie

Hi all,

I’m having some issues playing a file/recent movie with the Vero 4K+.
Essentially, the atmos track is intermittently cutting out for fractions of a second, usually during the louder scenes ie gunshots/explosions.
Then the atmos audio track seems to lose the atmos centre speaker. Everything gets played through the surrounds only.
If I stop and resume the movie after a few seconds, the atmos audio track plays correctly, until the next gunshot/time it happens.
No issues at all on the other audio tracks for this movie (or other 4K HDR/atmos movies), just the atmos on this particular one.
Initially I thought it was the file itself, but I’ve tried a few versions and same problem in the same spots.

Attached are the vero logs:

and the media info for the file:

Examples of when this is happening for me are at
0:50seconds in,
1:05minutes in, and
4:31 minutes in.

Not sure if this is a user or a Vero error, any help would be appreciated.


This issue is known to be a current Kodi limitation regarding handling the Dolby MAT audio format: Kodi 18.4 crashes with high bitrate TrueHD+Atmos audio stream · Issue #16704 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub

Ooh, that was super quick, thanks!.

Frustrating, but obviously not just a vero problem. The last few comments on that thread confirm a bunch of people are having the same issue with the same movie.

Thanks for the reply!