Audio Delay at video start


Just got my Vero4k, was running osmc on a Vero2 before that a Raspberry Pi 3 before that a Raspberry Pi 2 previously, I love it, my only issue is I experience a delay in the sound when I start a video. It catches up fine and ends up not being an issue because it runs in sync once it starts. There is just a gap of 2-3 seconds where the video is playing without any audio. The delay seems less extreme since I got my Vero4k so I’m thinking it’s just a CPU issue. Just curious if anybody else experiences this and if anyone has found a fix.

Thanks in advance!

Yes this is basically a copy and paste from my Vero2 post, just still see the issue with improving hardware, does anyone else have this problem? I’m starting to think it might be an issue with my TV/Receiver or whatever on my end.

Can you post a debug log?
Can you describe your audio setup? Do you use passthrough? Sometimes there’s a bit of a delay when the TV or AVR has to adapt to changes in the audio stream.

Can you post a full set of logs when this happens? dmesg will give me clues



I’m sorry can you provide steps to give you a log?

I have a Sony Bravia TV KDL-40EX400, and a Sony Receiver STR-DH550. everything is connected through HDMI, passthrough? I will need more details.

Thanks again and cheers



See: How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC



okay here we go, with the log uploader option

I included all logs and config