Audio dropouts while playing live TV


While playing live TV, I have audio dropouts: little glitches every 30s or a few minutes. Really annoying!
I noticed that glitches occur more often if I play TV channels with lots of commercials or jingles like sports or news.
My backend is Dvb link running on a Synology NAS.

The problem occurs on the following front-ends:

  • Intel Pc running OE7 or OE8
  • Android tablet running Kodi17
  • Pi3 running Osmc2017-4-2 or OE6 or OE8

The problem does not occur with my Pc running my old OE6!

What I tried and did not work :

  • other backends: Tvheadend (both on the NAS and on the Pi)
  • Overcloking the Pi
  • playing with Kodi settings: deinterlacing, passthrough, adjust display refresh rate, sync playback to display, hardware acceleration, display resolution and refresh rate, audio output device, PLL adjustment.

Two weeks testing and reading similar posts on the forum didn’t help… I’m really disappointed …

Here’s the log:

I hope someone can help!


This indicates that the issue is not OSMC specific. Addressing the issue on Kodi forums would probably be the more relevant support choice.

I posted there a month ago and didn’t get any answer.
That’s why I tried here.

Here’s the link to the original post on Kodi forum: