Audio DSP not available - 2017.02-2 Release

When I switch Audio DSP on, in audio settings I cannot find any DSP manager to be used.
I tried to find audio DPS, ADSP or freesurroundDSP addons in the official KODI repository in my OSMC, but I cannot find anything.

It is strange, in Libreelec I have the two official DSP addon from KODI and they are both working well, but in OSMC are not only missing, there is no way to install (unless compliling them from bynary, which I do not have a clue on how to do that).

Is this only a problem of mine?

The kodi dsp plugins are known to not work and cause problems. Better not to use them anyway.

Mmhh I have been using the DSP addon on raspberry Libreleec and on KODI Osx without problems…

Audio DSP is broken, at least according to @popcornmix. He’s explicitly added a patch to prevent them from being used.

If they’re not reliable, they won’t be included in OSMC, as it will likely just lead to unexpected crashes and problems. Other distributions are free to include them.


Thank you for the info.

I agree with you, If they’re not reliable, better to not be included in OSMC.