Audio gone missing, then video

Had a strange happening where audio disappeared completely. So i rebooted. So video output at all. Rebooted some more. Same thing.

I could still ssh into the Raspberry Pi, and so I tried adding


to the /boot/config.txt file, which solved the issue. Perhaps developers should add those lines as a safeguard for getting proper output.

No, because the lines you have added are working around a faulty or poor quality HDMI cable or an HDMI device that is not communicating properly. They will have detrimental effects in other situations so should never be there by default.

I would suggest trying a different HDMI cable and completely powering down your TV/Screen (remove the power, don’t just press your remote’s power button) make sure the HDMI cable is plugged in securely (and/or swap the cable) then power on the TV first, then the Pi.

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