Audio much lower volume without passthrough

Since the April update, the audio volume seems to have changed. Before the update everything worked great, and I haven’t change settings.

Now, audio that is not passed through is significantly lower than passthrough sources. This was not the case previously. The volume for passthrough is the same as it always was, so it is the non passthrough sources where volume has significantly changed.


Not sure how this could’ve occurred.

Can you send us a log so we can see how your audio is configured?



Also check what the volume on the vero is set to. You may need to use a keyboard or an app like yatse to adjust it. I dont think the volume affects passthrough so it may be set low and only affecting non passthrough


Yup, hooking up a keyboard and increasing the volume fixed the issue. Not sure how this ended up lower after the upgrade.


The supplied remote controller will allow you to adjust the volume.


That would have been easier. I should have checked that.