Audio offset not working

Hi, im using the latest stable osmc on a pi2,


but im unable to adjust the audio offset forward past about +500ms without the picture stuttering, going past +750ms causes the picture to freeze completely.

Out of interest i can adjust the offset back as far as the slider will let me.
I’ve tested this on a few .mkvs and its the same on all files.

Wondering if anyone has seen this or knows what causes it?
If anyone using a pi2 could verify this behaviour I’d be grateful…
Something else I’ve noticed is that this behaviour doesn’t appear with live TV, I can adjust the offset fine, but with local media I get the issue.

Edit: wow 50 views and no help :cry:
I’d be very grateful if someone could just verify this behaviour on a Pi2, just play some local content, and see how far forward you can set the audio offset,

The real question is why do you need this much offset? Seems excessive. Could not reproduce on an early 256mb pi 1.

Thanks for testing, reason I need it is I am piping the audio out to airplay speakers, works pretty good, but obviously there will be some delay so need an adjustment and the only place I can do this is in Kodi.

I had an issue similar a while back, but trying to set the offset in advanced settings.xml. It came to light that you can only set a maximum of +/- 600ms in advanced settings.xml, so the solution suggested was to set the offset via the gui, then select ‘save as default for all media’…it worked perfectly for ages for me.
Pretty sure that was with 16.1 , my pi sd card died a month or so back, so I’m setting up from scratch on a new sd card and came across this issue.

I’ve tried changing the video cache settings, and toggling anything that could affect it, but nothing seems to make any difference with local media…as I posted, working perfectly with live TV…its very odd.

I take it you have your video cache set as default?

I’ve tried everything and can’t get my head around it, making absolutely no sense right now.

Well time to try another district with better support, it’s a real shame as I’ve been using Osmc/raspbmc for years.

We can’t help without a debug log at least.
You need to help us support you

Apologies…my frustration got the better of me .

If u do get a chance to look I can confirm this issue isn’t present on the latest Raspbian running Kodi version 17.

Can you paste a debug log from Raspbian where it works too? May give some clues.


Will do this when i get in.

Right after trying a different sd card, and a fresh osmc install this is the situation…
i can play and adjust the audio offset perfectly if i disable mmal hardware decoding and enable omxplayer.

This is where it gets weird and i fully understand if u have no interest in solving this as 99% of your users will probably never benefit from it.

To send the audio to my airplay speakers i use the snd-aloop module, then create a loopback device by creating a ".asoundrc’ file my home directory, works fine and the loopback device appears as a sound output option in kodi’s settings…when selected i can hear the gui sounds thru airplay fine, but when i start playback the audio comes from the hdmi and not airplay.

Should note that this behaviour only occurs when I’ve changed the hardware acceleration settings as i mentioned earlier…if i leave the acceleration settings as default, all audio comes thru the airplay speakers as expected, but i can’t adjust the audio offset enough without the picture freezing.

Happy to upload logs if needed, no idea where to go from here, and fully understand if u dont need the hassle of this.

My last post on this subject as you probably have 101 more pressing issues to deal with, I’ve reinstalled OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20160910.img , and it works just perfectly on kodi 16, without changing any acceleration settings, this is with just mmal decoding which supports also audio, which i need for my loopback device.

The underlying issue is as default, the current Krypton OSMC builds won’t let the audio offset be adjusted forward without the video freezing, only way to do it is to disable mmal decoding, enable omxplayer decoding, but that obviously doesn’t support alsa audio so no good for my case.

Just out of interest, what will i be missing out on by running kodi 16?
Its imperative that i stay with osmc, the other distros I’ve tried all have issues and quirks , IMO OSMC is head and shoulders above everything else.