Audio output configuration not working for multichannel on RPi3 in Kodi 17


I have sound set to HDMI/5.1, but output configurations “best match” or “optimized” are not working correctly anymore when decoded by Kodi (no passthrough activated). On 5.1 sources (DD or dts) only L/R channels are sent to the receiver (center is clearly missing, I can hear no voices :slight_smile:, receiver displays 2.0 ). Using “fixed” the sound is correct.

Has been like that on 17 beta and on 17 RC, used to work perfectly on Kodi 16.

kodi.log with setting “optimized”:

kodi.log with setting “fixed”:

Seems something goes wrong at CAESinkPi:SetAudioProps … hdmi_channel_map

Always post complete logs. Don’t cut them down.

Didi, have you found a fix? I’m having a similar issue.