Audio over HDMi and osmc web client questions


I originaly post in “help&support” but probably better here.

I’m a newbie, collecting information to build my media center (mostly a music server) with a RPi2 and probably osmc.

I wanna attach the rpi 2 directly to one free hdmi entry of my Denon av/hifi amplifier (itself also attached to 1 tv hdmi entry)
So I need feed back about the hdmi audio hifi quality.
I’m a little puzzled too as I read there’s no DTS passthrough ( for music I only need stereo, however I don’t understand this passthrough story).

Is there a way to control the osmc through an iphone (app or web UI ?)

Thank you for clarifications

I’m puzzled about your expected configuration. Do you anticipate connecting the Pi to a TV/Monitor?
You’ll get whatever quality of sound is recorded on your sources.
There has been discussion about DTS and passthru (search forum).
There are a number of apps for controlling your OSMC installation from a remote device over wifi - look in you app store (I don’t know the iphone market).

Thank you

The monitor is optional plz forget about it. It would be used only to display the osmc interface (if there’s no smartphone client or weg ui available).
I did not found any app in appStore…

This is talking about playing music only.
Of course if I want to see a video, the tv will be on :wink:

This is simple I just have to add the Rpi in my HIFI system as whatever other hdmi source

RPi → Denon AV/ amplifier (1of the free HDMI in) → spk OUT to 5.1 or 2.0 Speakers

and Denon AV/ amplifier (HDMI out) → TV HDMI in (the Denon ampli is central in my installation, all sources are connected to it…see?)

Have a look here - you may find a clue to a remotefor you

Well not sure if you mean IOS or Android but on Android there is the Yatse which is the best remote I am aware of