Audio over usb?

I want to connect my Vero 4k to a USB DAC, so I am wondering whether it’s possible to let all audio go over usb to my DAC?

Thank you.

Well first you need to ensure that you have USB DAC that is supported by the Kernel of the Vero.
If that is confirmed you just have to ensure that you configure Alsa respectively.
But I wonder why you want to use a USB DAC?

Yes it is possible. The only thing is you may not get all the proprietory bells and whistles the DAC maker offers with, say, Windows (eg DSP functions). There is a common interface for USB audio which OSMC supports so you should at least get basic functionality.

If you need to turn off HDMI sound, there is no way to do it in the Kodi GUI but I think there’s a commandline option for it.

Not yet in the GUI, I’d say. In a test build by Sam, there was an option for that already. So, it should be on its way…

Yes, it should be in the next update. But selecting a completely different ALSA sink will mute it anyway

I could connect the Vero 4k to my TV, and my TV through spdif to my dac, but that would require me to have the TV on if I just want to play music. Am I correct in assuming that?

Why not use the S/PDIF of your Vero 4k in the first place?

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Good point, haha! Somehow overlooked that. Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

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Well I think that says it all