Audio playback stutters

Hi everyone,
I have osmc installed on a raspberry pi 2. I use the Estuary skin. It is connected to a router with a LAN cable. It streams all my media from my nas.
Everything works perfectly fine, except for audio playback. When I play music, each 30 to 120 seconds or so, playback stutters for just about half a second, maybe less. I disabled all addons that could be affecting playback performance. That didn’t solve the problem. CPU-usage during playback is very low (10-20% on cpu0, other cores are lower), and memory usage is pretty low. Stutter doesn’t increase or decrease in duration or frequency while doing other tasks, such as updating or browsing the library. The problem doesn’t occur to audio in video’s.
Video needs more bandwith, so that’s not the issue, but I was thinking it might be lag spikes? Video is buffered, so you wouldn’t notice small spikes. Can I buffer audio? Does anyone has other ideas on how to solve this?

Check if this solves your issue other wise provide debug logs