Audio progressively lagging with "packed bitsream" file?

I noticed that on some videos, the audio would start out fine, but then become progressively out of sync the longer playback continued. If i stop the file and the resume playback, the audio would be fine again until it started lagging again. If you don’t restart it and just let it go, eventually the video will skip and then the audio will be resynced.

Trying to figure out the difference in files that play fine vs files that lose sync, I noticed that season 3 of the show (which loses sync) shows “packed bitstream detected” when opened with avidemux, while season 2 (which plays fine) does not.

Is there any setting that I can check/uncheck/modify that will compensate for this?


Try with omxplayer enabled/disabled in video/acceleration settings.
Try with omxplayer disabled and “sync playback to display” enabled/disabled in video/playback settings.

A sample file that show the problem would be useful.

Disabling omxplayer seems to have worked fine. I’ll try “sync playback” later, too to see what that does… Thank you :slight_smile:

Do you still want a copy of that file?

Yes, sample file would still be useful.

OK… the only smallest file I have is 200mb, but you can download that from here - 404 Error - File not found! - until tomorrow night. I’ll delete it off my server then.

The video did freeze at the very end with omxplayer disabled and I had to reboot the pi to regain control, but I haven’t tested it with “sync” enabled yet…

Thanks I’ve download the sample. I see the audio out-of-sync with omxplayer.
Not seen the hang yet (after seeking near to end). I’ll try playing from start without seeking.

No hang here. Do you get it on every play?
Do you get it when seeking near the end and then playing?

On two plays (of two separate files) the system hung when playing straight through. On two or three other files from that same set, the video hung at the end for a few seconds and then just stopped playback. I haven’t tried seeking to the end, but I can try tonight when I get home.

No I can’t get it to hang, either… meh. That’s my luck.