Audio/Video Mismatch

Hello everyone…

I have a Vero 4K+ box. Well, about a month ago, I upgraded the OS so that it would have Kodi 18.1. That seemed to have broken the system as well as my favorite DVR/PVR client (zuki.pvr.hdhomerundvr as well as introduced other issues. All videos, live TV as well as recorded material had a very bad AV mismatch that got worse as the video played. All other devices on my network running Kodi and the DVR/PVR Client had no such issues (windows and rPi 3).

After several email exchanges with the Sam, I decided to shelf the Vero while things got sorted out the OS level.

I received a notice that the OS had been updated and now supported Kodi 18.2. Downloaded and began a very cautious setup. I added a Music Video library; selected a video and it played without issue. Added Movie Library; selected a movie and it played without issue.

Added the Zuki Unofficial PVR/DVR add-on, selected a live TV channel and much to my disappointment, av mismatch. Uninstalled, rebooted the device and tried the HD HomeRun add-on from the kodi repository. Same story. It appears something beginning after the Kodi 17.6 build is causing issues with both the official repository version as they as this version

I plan to reinstall the OS to a code level where Kodi 17.6 was the norm and do some additional testing and then see what happens. I am attempting to determine if my Vero 4K+ is broken or there is something else at work.

Does anyone have some additional thoughts what what I should try?

Thanks for your time.


Uploading a set of logs with debugging enabled would help us.

I am doubtful the hardware is defective unless you are experiencing other issues with the device.
If you want to use Kodi v17.6, you can install the December or earlier versions from Download - OSMC.

You may not wanna hear this, but having looked at the HDHomerun website, seems to me tvheadend with Kodi does almost everything that their DVR app does. You can’t record all the games of your favourite team automatically but pretty much everything else is there. And we support it.