August / September Update / Kernel 4.9

Hello Sam,

i buy a Vero 4K+ and the Product is awesome !
I have a Question about the next update.
Is the next Update a regular monthly update with bugfixes and Kodi 18.4 or the big one with all that + Kernel 4.9 ?

Have you any ETA ? End of summer is near :slight_smile:

Thanks for your great Support

The next update will come with Kodi 18.4
No 4.9 just yet.


Hello Sam,

any ETA on the Update with Kodi 18.4 ?
End this week? End next Week ?


Iā€™m away for a few days from Tuesday, so it might be a couple of weeks yet.
18.4 is in the staging repository however ā€“ but there are a few more improvements Iā€™d like to make before finalising it.



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