Auto-Mounting Problem after converting Exfat to NTFS


Long time I used 2 external HDDs with Exfat partitions on Vero4k.
After some exfat related problems I decided to change to Ntfs, but now the same Hdds don’t recognize in OSMC.

Did you give them a label?
Upload logs so that we can help.
Also generally exfat support is better than ntfs support

Same label and content as before in Exfat. “Videos“ and “Videos 2“.

Here my complete logs:

My Logs

So far I can see my HDD Media-Devices are dev/sda2 and dev/sdb1.

If I understand correctly in the Logs, the HDDs are recognized, but not mounted?! But I’m no Kodi expert and not sure what to do to solute this problem.

Looks to me like they are not labeled properly.

Dec 06 19:53:28 osmc udisks-glue[525]: blkid: /dev/sda2: PARTLABEL="Basic data partition" PARTUUID="f2412514-a065-4144-8202-0af361fedb31"

And there doesn’t seem to be a label at all on the other drive.

If they are connected to a 4K, and you don’t plan on connecting them to a windows system, you would be better off formatting them as EXT4 or BTRFS as they are native to linux.

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In Windows the Hdds are labeled, but that seems not to be the same/right label for OSMC. And I found actual no way for changing this special label in an easy way for my two gpt-formatted hdds, so I will give Ext4 a try. With Paragon ExtFS I also can use the Ext4 hdd in Windows normally. Disadvantage seems to be the lowered transferrate in Windows. 130-180 MB/s ntfs to ntfs. 30-40 MB/s ntfs to Ext4.

In 1.5 days the Data Transfer must be over and I will see if my Vero4k is satisfied again.

I think the Windows GPT part has messed up the Partitions and Labels for OSMC. Surely if you can redo the disks I suggest to repation with GPT under OSMC and then reformat. Ideally using EXT4/BTRFS or you might give it a try with exfat again. But suggest always do the Partitioning and Formating on OSMC.

This was my failure… inadvertently I used USB 2… instead USB 3 for one of my drives. The second one runs with the same speed (Max 180 MB/s) for ntfs>Ext4, as ntfs>ntfs. (when using USB3 for both drives)

And with Ext4 (and correctly labeled HDD), my Vero4k is very satisfied and works properly.

Thx for help and hints :slight_smile: