Auto Refresh Rate Change Causes Problem

Hi there, new user here, I have recently changed my setting to automatic refresh rate change so that my UHD rips would play at correct rate, but since this change all my other (1080p) files upon play will start but after about 5 secs go to a black screen for about 5 secs and then start to play normally (almost though it is adjusting resolution). If I turn off automatic refresh rate my 1080p files play normally with no black screen but of course with this setting off I would have to manually adjust if I wanted to play 4K file. Files are being played from an attached USB Hard drive.

Logs are here:
Edited by @JimKnopf: Logs are here:

Hope you can help

Your log seems to be broken.

If you enable Adjust Refresh Rate, you can expect to see a black screen while the display is put in to a new mode. This isn’t unexpected

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OK thanks Sam, do I need to do anything to fix broken log ?

Fixed it: The URL is case sensitive.

Can you describe the problem you are experiencing?

Thanks Sam - it’ just a bit of a pain that with Adjust Refresh Rate enabled all my 1080P files start and play normally for about 5secs or so and then stop, black screen appears for about 5 secs and then the video resumes as normal and then plays fine. I assume it is checking and if necessary changing the resolution during this black screen. It would seem my only other option is to disable Adjust Refresh Rate when I want to play a 4K file. Not ideal.

Make sure that the Kodi GUI is set to 1080p and the refresh rate of the files you most commonly play. That will reduce the times that the rate has to switch. Some TVs switch faster than others.

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Thank you- I’ll check that.

Just checked again display is set to 1080p and no matter which refresh rate I choose all files display the same problem.

Hmm seems I may be the culprit !! Checked other files and they are working fine - I now suspect it may be a problem with my encoding of certain files - I will have to do a bit of investigating I think.

Check mediainfo on the offending files compared to the good files. Probably an odd framerate.

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Just re-ripped a couple of episodes of the offending files - the new ones play without problem same frame rates so not sure what was wrong with the old ones. Anyway will re-rip all the offending files eventually and that should sort it. Many thanks for all the suggestions/help.