AutoCompletion crash


I have a Rapsberry Pi with OSMC with the official OSMC skin.
AutoCompletion 1.0.1 is activated and when some character are wrote appear some suggestions in the virtual keyboard.

When i select one of the suggestion with the remote controller and I Push the central button the Raspberry Pi suddenly crash.

How could I recover a crash-free AutoCompletion feature?

Thank you for your support.

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I would suggest reporting the issue to the developer of this add-on.


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Where were you using it? I can use it in the Global Search add-on without issue using Estuary and the OSMC skin.

Hello Sam

Thank you for the suggestion, I located the add-on GitHub repository. I will report there the issue.



The issue is experienced in any place where I use the AutoCompletion feature.

I would uninstall and reinstall it, but I don’t know how.


You can find it in programs and context menu and select ‘information’. In the screen that comes up you can click on ‘update’ and this will reinstall it. There is a couple dependencies and they can be reinstalled the same way but you will find them in settings>system>add-ons>manage dependencies.

Fixed successfully here

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