Automatic start of a command every time OSMC boots


every time i boot my pi. i want to start the jdownloader. to do that, i connect via ssh an type:

cd jdownloader
java -jar JDownloader.jar -norestart

someone allready told me to use the cron app, but as far as i can see, these only work for a specific time.
But i just want to execute exactly what i wrote, on every startup.

Is there an easy way to do that ?

  • so i install cron from the store
  • than create a file like


inside of that i write:

cd jdownloader java -jar JDownloader.jar -norestart


than i make

sudo crontab -e

and inside of that file at the end i write

@reboot python /home/pi/ &

and thats it ?
or is something wrong?

systemctl enable jdownloader would also be on option. Depending on how you installed jdownloader and whether a .service file is provided. If not, you would have to write your own.
Other question though: Which Raspberry pi do you have? I couldn’t imagine that jdownloader would run on such device…
I only know of pyload as dl manager. It’s more lightweight, written in python. Whereas jdownloader is written in java and takes up way more ressources.
Since there are currently problems with pyload, jdownloader would be a good alternative.
How well does it perform on your pi?

im running it on a pi2.

and it really works perfect in headless mode. loading 8GB files and unpacking is easy. You just controll everything over the web Front-End my.jdownloader . I can really recommand it.