Automount to generic path rather than drive label

So I was already doing some searching on the forums but I wasn’t able to find a solution. The topic How to automount to a generic path (usb0, usb1 etc) doesn’t really give much because in post number 6, the OP said he wasn’t going to use them anymore. How can I tell OSMC (or udisk, not really sure what controls the automount) to mount to something like /mnt/usb0 rather than the drive label?

Use /etc/fstab

Thanks for the quick reply. Its my understanding that fstab only mounts on startup or when running the mount -a command, what if I wanted to change the behaviour of automounting a USB device while its running?

There’s not a simple way to do that. UDisks role is to monitor for hotplugged disks, but it doesn’t (trivially) allow for the customisation you’re after.