Aux to tulp

Is it possible to connect a aux cable to tulp like this picture

I used this:
with a standard Pi cable:

thanks, so you can also use the one that i mentined in my post

Yes. The audio is on the tip and the first ring, then composite video then earth/ground. ie LRVG You may find the audio channels are reversed so swap the plugs at the other end.

Hai i have a cable now plugged it in but no sound !nwhere do i have to put the settings for the music to play sound over this cable and not HDMI i still here the sound over TV or Home Cinema , or am i doing it completly wrong

Select PCM,
Select 2.0 channels
Disable passthrough.

Under Settings -> System -> Audio

Sam i got it working but sound is very low ?? when i play something else on my NAD amplifier it is much louder , do you know why ?

The audio output is not an amplifier.

Make sure you’re using the right kind of cable. If the cable isn’t correct, then pulling it out halfway will fix the sound.


still strange when i pull the cable out plug it in my Android phone Perfect sound, put in back in the Vero 4K very low sound, maybe i will have a look at an USB sound card to plug in into the Vero…

Those should be two different cables


don’t know why but ok , can you give me a link to the correct cable where i can buy one for the Vero4k

The link given above works for me. But they seem to be out of stock. Look for similar cables.

The volume is low if running into a low input impedance amp.

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thanks graham, but why is 1 cable not enough so only the Pi Cable

I found it hard to find a 4-pole cable suitable for Vero4k, largely because very few sellers actually say what the pin-out is. You need an OMTP cable. A CTIA cable (as used for RPi) will not work and most 4-pole cables are that kind, I think.

But your original post 3-pole cable also works as the video connection is just shorted out and you don’t need that.

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