Background / pip video choppy

Hi. When I’m running live tv or a Blu-ray mkv on vero 4k using estuary skin and bring up, let’s say, my list of movies, video in the background continues to play smoothly. When using a heavier skin (e.g Aeon MQ7 or Metropolis) video in the background is choppier, and if I then go to main menu (video plays picture in picture) video remains choppy and audio is also out of sync. PIP works fine if frame rate switching is set to always (which isn’t an option for me due to the time it takes to switch) but I’m sure other devices I’ve had in the past handled this reasonably well without being set to ‘always’. I could be wrong though. FYI- vero handles the Aeon MQ7 skin impressively well tbh- nice and snappy- so can’t imagine it’s too resource heavy for the vero. Apologies if I’m late replying.

If you don’t use passthrough, Sync Playback to Display may help

Ok thanks. Did play around with that but didn’t seem to resolve the issue. Will have another go after work. I suppose what I should’ve asked is, is this video stuttering/ audio sync issue normal behaviour when using picture in picture with display switching set to start/stop? i.e. tv still running in 24hz mode but the kodi skin (and I assume the video playing in pip mode also) is running at 60hz. Generally from my experience, 24p video playing at 60hz doesn’t look anywhere near as bad as this. Of course, it could just be the skin itself not being up to par in this respect. Thanks.

It’s been a while since I tried it but I know that some judder is to be expected.